About Us
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About Us

“Spooky’s Swirls – Props & Pastries” is a horror/sci-fi themed, gluten free bakery with a museum of actual screenused props and wardrobes on display. Located just outside Phoenix in Chandler, AZ, Spooky’s offers a welcoming atmosphere that beckons patrons to stay awhile; not only to experience the amazing exhibits of Filmic History, but to stick around and enjoy the devily-delicious treats and coffees while socializing or taking advantage of our library of vintage genre magazines and licensed movie screenings.

Working directly with The HSPPA/Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association (a not-for-profit organization that works to preserve filmic history), Spooky’s is able to provide patrons with a myriad of exciting artifacts from their favorite horror, science fiction, fantasy, and superhero films from the golden age to present day film/TV productions; exhibits will be fluid, rotating from the nearly 4000+/- pieces in The HSPPA archives, making Spooky’s Swirls a destination spot for cinephiles everywhere! 

Spooky’s Swirls is headed by Pastry Chefs, Lola Forbes & Chris Szydlowski, together with over 30-years of combined knowledge and experience and specializing in no-gluten recipes that are highly enjoyable by everyone. Within the last few years there has been significant increases in demand for gluten free bakery products. This can be explained to a large degree by the fact that up until recently Americans have had food allergies that have gone undiagnosed. Due to the culture shift taking place, more people find themselves looking for healthier alternatives that fit their dietary needs. This is very positive for both those people that are affected as well as bakeries such as Spooky’s Swirls that specialize in these products. With our fun and spooky horror atmosphere we also can offer the customer an experience they are craving as well as the delicious baked goods: Spooky’s Swirls (cinnamon bun), Scream Cheese Cakes (cheesecakes), breakfast Cinna-Sammies (sausage, egg, cheese on a sliced cinnamon bun), custom sugar cookies that reflect the props on exhibit, themed cupcakes, seasonal offerings and more…along with a variety of teas and coffees. [Plus custom orders and more]


Spooky’s Swirls is the home of the World’s Strongest Coffee, Death Wish Coffee®. AT around 200% stronger than your average cup of coffee, this caffeine-intense beverage is not to be taken lightly. A delicious, dark roast that will keep you going…and going…and going…and going….


Chef/Owner: Chris Szydlowski has managed and worked in kitchens around the country for over 20 years, from early beginnings in Dallas to the lead pastry chef position in a multi-million-dollar Manhattan Whole Foods bakery to managing a team of 15 in Arizona. Her creations have been seen on MSNBC and the Emmy winning, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”. Chris is also an Assistant Head Curator of The HSPPA.

Chef/Owner: Lola Forbes graduated Le Cordon Bleu in 2009 Alpha Beta Kappa with honors. At LCB she participated on sugar sculpture and chocolate showpiece practice teams for Food Network. With 15 years industry experience, Lola has worked every position in a kitchen; from fast volume, management, and high-end pastry. Lola also has an extensive knowledge of gluten free, vegan and specialty diet baking.

Curator/Owner: James Azrael is the founder and Head Curator of The HSPPA and been in the Entertainment Industry for over 25yrs as a professional musician, radio personality, actor, and film producer and holds a Masters Degree in Education from Columbia College Chicago. With The HSPPA, in 4 years’ time, James has curated over 70 exhibits across the USA and authored 3 art books on the props in the museum.

Owner: Ernesto Avina is a graduate of the New England School of Law and an Executive Producer of several indie films (including Dee Snider’s “So What” music video). He has been with The HSPPA since it’s inception in 2015 as a Curator and Exhibitor but also no stranger to the Food Industry; having 15+ years experience in Operations Management at a tortilleria manufacturing facility.